Governor's Tribal Advisor

Tribal Advisor, Cynthia Comez

Judge Cynthia Gomez is Governor Jerry Brown's Tribal Advisor and Native American Heritage Commission Executive Secretary. She advises Governor Brown and Cabinet colleagues on topics related to Tribal governments and the implementation of effective government-to-government consultation between the Governor's Administration and California Tribes on policies that affect California Tribal communities. Tribal Advisor Gomez serves as a direct link between the Tribes and the Governor of the State of California and facilitates communication and consultations between the Office of the Governor, the Tribes, state agencies, and agency tribal liaisons. Tribal Advisor Gomez also reviews state legislation and regulations affecting Tribes and makes recommendations on these proposals.

Tribal Advisor Gomez has more than 30 years advocating on behalf of Tribal people and other sensitive populations.

Prior her appointment within the Governor's Office, Judge Gomez served as Chief Justice of the Shingle Springs Band of Miwok Indians’ Tribal Court since 2010. Judge Gomez is a member of the Tribal and State Court Forum for the California Administrative Office of the Courts.

Judge Gomez was the California Environmental Protection Agency's Assistant Secretary of Environmental Justice and Tribal Governmental Policy from 2008 to 2010, were she facilitated the progress of Agency Secretary's finalization and adoption of the first in the state agency-level tribal communications policy. From 1999-2008, Ms. Gomez was Chief of the Native American Liaison Branch of the California Department of Transportation were she facilitated the progress of the Department Director's adoption of the first state department tribal communications policy, one of the first in the nation for State Transportation Departments. In this capacity, Judge Gomez authored the first "Transportation Guide for Native Americans," which provided transportation information, training, and facilitation services to the Native American Community. During this time, she also served as Chairwoman of the California Transportation Research Board's Native American Transportation Issues Committee. The TRB is a high-level international transportation policy forum for discussing environmental justice, climate change, energy and Tribal government issues. Judge Gomez was also Indian Housing Specialist Housing and Community Development Representative for the California Indian Assistance Program Department of Housing and Community Development from 1989 to 1999.

Judge Gomez began her career managing programs for the Tule River Tribal Council from 1985-1989, where she oversaw the departments of Natural Resources, Environmental, Planning, Public Works, and Economic Development. She served as a Board member to the Tule River Housing Program. She prosecuted tribal cases at the Federal Magistrate's Court on behalf of the Tribe.

Judge Gomez earned a juris doctorate degree at the University of Northern California's Lorenzo Patiño School of Law.

Judge Gomez is Native American from the Tule River Yokut Tribe from the Tule River Indian Reservation in central California. When not busy working, Judge Gomez enjoys spending time with her family and reading books.